Brazil / International

Dedicated to International freight transport between Argentina and Brazil since 1990. We serve today with exclusive freight services among the main spots in both countries with all kinds of cargo units and consolidated shipments in Buenos Aires/Sao Paulo and Cordoba/Sao Paulo corridors.

As logistics flow integrators we operate with a wide range of vehicles which allows us to have a ready available loading offer for a large diversity of loads. We operate with loads such as fractioned, general, hazardous, refrigerated, graneles, etc.

We are currently licensed for every border check with that country and we operate with it regularly. We have administrative and operating nods for these matters in each one of them, allowing us to satisfy every customers need regarding customs release. We are also authorized to perform customs transits for internal customs offices between both countries (MIC/dta).

Our coordination centers are located in Buenos Aires City and Sao Paulo City operating nowadays a huge amount of Shipping loads in exportations as in importations, whose real-time location is informed through Internet to our customers.

Our operative flexibility and permanent attention to the many possible events, makes us the best choice at the time of thinking on transporting your cargos within MERCOSUR.


  • Customs brokers service
  • Specialized staff office.
  • Logistic back up for reprocessing.
  • Storage and distribution

International transport in the Mercosur

  • More than 150 monthly trips (imports/exports)
  • Great resources at the borders with Brazil / Chile / Uruguay