How do we work?


As a logistical integrator, I-Flow:

Evaluates opportunities presented by the logistic function in the company (professional specialist diagnose).

Defines optimal alternatives to reach best results, with special emphasis in economical profits, quality service, investment and payback levels.

Operates selected alternative coordinating available resources and the following services:

  • National terrestrial transportation
  • International terrestrial transportation
  • Railroad transportation
  • Aerial transportation
  • Sea transportation
  • Storage
  • Nationwide distribution

All our units are equipped with radio or cell phones.

  • We have a monitor base at I-Flow distribution center 24 hours a day.
  • We do at minimum, three communications for deliverance with status record.
  • A mobile from our communication network is provided to our clients so that they can have direct communication with our base and/or our drivers.
  • Driver’s communication with base or with the client in the event of any difficulty at the time of delivery.