Advantages of logistic outsourcing


Even though the advantages of a logistical outsourcing service many times can not be appreciated but through time, we can punctuate some of the most important with results that can be seen in a short term.

  • Elimination of “non-strategic” administrative expenses.
  • Reduction and stabilization of distribution expenses.

Capital injection for “strategic” expenses.

  • Specialized and advanced technology access.
  • Efficient response to customers.

Competitive fees

  • Mayor power of negotiation from the logistical operator.
  • Scale economy.

Leading companies in Argentina and the World, had understood these benefits, as well as the convenient of associate with a logistical outsourcing specialist to achieve competitive advantages.

  • Efficient inventory.
  • Reduction of delivery terms.
  • Production increase.
  • Operative costs decrease.
  • Partnership philosophy.