Why to work with us?


Simply, what does it mean Management Company in the supply chain?

Very often, mentioned as 3PL companies or better said, logistic companies that act as Partners. These organizations carry the process of request orders, transport, depot or other logistical functions for other companies, allowing these to focus in their business. Very often, a company managing the supply chain does multiple ways of transport in both areas (supply and distribution) and provides technological information systems that can manage the complexity of hundreds of critical movements of every day.

Why IFLOW is different?

While many other companies appear as logistical experts, very few are qualified as true “dedicated” companies in logistics, due to a lack of information and competitiveness. IFLOW arouse directly from the logistical transport industry and because of that it has a large amount of information, strategies, alliances and highly trained personnel in a variety of disciplines required to correctly deliver services. This places us in a very good position to serve the client in the best way possible, since we are prepared to provide the best professionals for the finest work directly from our human resources. Besides, because of the fact that we are a “non-asset based” company, we can choose the lowest-cost way of transportation so that we can make you save a large amount of Money.

How does your relation with your customer work?

When you hire us, you are trusting us the Management of logistical processes, including the administration and development of the personnel as well as the technological and transportation services. We work with you creating a feed-back partnership from which comes the most efficient and economical ways of transport. This includes using the most sophisticated software that interact with the customer planning system, to ensure detailed process of moving products from the plants to the clients. As our Partners, you access “World Class” technology services.